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Ok folks, damn near everyone I know deals with depression or some other health bullshit this time of year.  We've only got a month until the days start getting longer again, "first day of summer" as my brother calls it.  But it's the HARDEST ONE.  Stress, guilt, obligations, darkness.

I've assembled a little survival pack that's helped me, hopefully it'll help you get through this, because 2017 is going to be REALLY EXCITING.  Seriously, you gotta hang around for this one, it's gonna be a huge adventure, history in the making.  Travel and fire and rebellion and hard won progress.  The sleeping majority is raising its head from its work, having finally been driven to distraction by the noisy jerks in the next room, and in a firm British accent said "RIGHT."

It's short, but it'll take you about 20 minutes to work through each of these, at your leisure.

1: You've gotta take care of yourself.  If doing ANYTHING is like crawling up a sandy hill through blackberries, BOOKMARK THIS and use it.  Excersize really does help, but I know it's not an option for some people.

2: Depression isn't like a cold or flu, you can't just sleep it off.  It is an enemy, and you have to fight it.  We all backslide, oh man, but putting forth just an honest hour's effort each day will save you months of struggle playing catchup, I speak form experience.  Do what you can to Keep your shit together.

3. Not everyone dies from cancer, but stress can straight up kill you.  Here's a different facet of it, and please, taking this to heart could seriously save yoru life -and there's some really fun and interesting facts in here, too. Make stress your friend.

There you go, that's it.  Eat a really hot curry, listen to obnoxiously perky music:  Remember to dance in such a way that all the teenagers in a half mile radius will suddenly feel horribly embarrassed and not know why.  Maybe light something on fire.


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