That Time of Year Again: Depression Survival Pack.

Ok folks, damn near everyone I know deals with depression or some other health bullshit this time of year.  We've only got a month until the days start getting longer again, "first day of summer" as my brother calls it.  But it's the HARDEST ONE.  Stress, guilt, obligations, darkness.

I've assembled a little survival pack that's helped me, hopefully it'll help you get through this, because 2017 is going to be REALLY EXCITING.  Seriously, you gotta hang around for this one, it's gonna be a huge adventure, history in the making.  Travel and fire and rebellion and hard won progress.  The sleeping majority is raising its head from its work, having finally been driven to distraction by the noisy jerks in the next room, and in a firm British accent said "RIGHT."

It's short, but it'll take you about 20 minutes to work through each of these, at your leisure.

1: You've gotta take care of yourself.  If doing ANYTHING is like crawling up a sandy hill through blackberries, BOOKMARK THIS and use it.  Excersize really does help, but I know it's not an option for some people.

2: Depression isn't like a cold or flu, you can't just sleep it off.  It is an enemy, and you have to fight it.  We all backslide, oh man, but putting forth just an honest hour's effort each day will save you months of struggle playing catchup, I speak form experience.  Do what you can to Keep your shit together.

3. Not everyone dies from cancer, but stress can straight up kill you.  Here's a different facet of it, and please, taking this to heart could seriously save yoru life -and there's some really fun and interesting facts in here, too. Make stress your friend.

There you go, that's it.  Eat a really hot curry, listen to obnoxiously perky music:  Remember to dance in such a way that all the teenagers in a half mile radius will suddenly feel horribly embarrassed and not know why.  Maybe light something on fire.


General Election 2016: WA

I NEED to preface this with a little personal info for my own piece of mind: I joined Wolf PAC because it is a bipartisan effort laser focused on one goal.  I'm a staunch independent.  I think the two party system is really hurting our country, I vote third party or independent whenever I can, and I've seen good people -and a-holes- in both demographics, so what follows is not easy for me.

Wolf PAC did not put me up to this, I'm doing this as requested by several friends, and some horrible part of me thinks I just didn't receive enough abuse when I did this for the primaries.

US Congress and Senate:  We're bypassing these folks, they're a big part of the problem.  When in doubt at the national level, DRIP (Don't Reelect Incumbent Politicians).

Governor: I haven't found either candidate specifically addressing campiagn finance reform.

Lt. Governor:  Habib said he was supportive, we'd love his help in the senate.  Haven't heard from McClendon.

Auditor: Miloscia said he'd support us.  Doesn't matter in that position, but there you are.

District 7- Walkinshaw.  He and Jayapal Both support us, but he was super helpful, and was the first to sign our request for vote.  Constituents had a real problem getting any time from Jayapal, she just straight up ignored them whether session was in or not.

Superintendent: Reykdal was our sponsor in the house.  I am extremely supportive of him because of this.

State Legislature, house and senate:  If you don't know your district it will say on your ballot, or you can use this

Knee-jerk partisanship is really pissing me off.  In other states the republicans sponsored THE SAME BILL and then democrats wouldn't vote for it.  Here we have the opposite problem, and we were blocked by republicans, so Wolf PAC has been told our best bet is to flip the senate to a democrat majority- Close races are 41, 28 and 17. I think our best bet is to get both republican and democrat sponsors, either way.

In the legislature, vote democratic incumbents, vote AGAINST Republican incumbents WITH TWO EXCEPTIONS: Chad Magendanz(5th LD) and Linda Kochmar(30th LD), who bravely crossed the aisle to vote for us.

Districts to note:

1st LD:  The Democrats passed a resolution to support us.  Unanimously.

5th LD: Magendanz said he'd co-sponsor and has done a lot to help us.  If I were in the 5th I'd vote Magendanz, as we need a republican sponsor (and he's a good man).  However both Magendanz and Mullet are supportive but mullet didn't speak out during the vote where Magendanz did and broke from party lines.  IF we can flip the senate to a democrat majority we're told our bill should pass with no problem, but Magendanz has proven to be a good man and has taken a lot of time out to help us.  I would love to see him as a sponsor or co sponsor next session.

9th LD: Even if you're a republican, in the 9th LD, please vote Goulet.  Dye is an embarrassment and bragged about taking Koch money.

12th LD: Wyss only because he never voted against us.  Hawkins did.

17th: Probst, please.

18th: Rivers says she is supportive and took time out to help us.  I know a lot of progressives don't like her for other reasons. Holt walks the walk and refuses to take big money.

28: Peloquin, please

30th:  Yes to Kochmar, no to Hickel

39th LD (my district): Linda Wright has taken a lot of time to talk to us and says she is highly supportive, and her opponent voted against us (and lied to me twice).  Koster(R) Says he is supportive and his opponent Metcalf does as well, so go with other issues on that one.

41: Wellman, please

One person I'd like to mention who didn't bring our bill to the senate floor despite at least 50 of her constitutents asking her to do so (that's a lot of people to hear from on one issue), is Pam Roach.  She's still a senator, but she's also running for Pierce County council.  She doesn't listen to her constitutents.  Just Sayin'.

Initiatives: (These are personal opinions and I am not a lawyer)

I735:  YES.  Asking congress to propose an amendment, Wolf PAC is MANDATING congress call a convention to propose an amendment.  Either way, we need an amendment.  Hundreds of people have worked very hard to get 735 on the ballot.

1464: Damnit.  They're on the right track, and I want to see union and corporate money out, but there's some wooly first amendment issues on this one and it's convoluted as hell (23 pages?!).  I want to tell them to go back and write it again, properly this time.  If it passes, I'm willing to bet the Federal courts will step in and say it's unconstitutional because of... Citizens United!

732:  27 pages!  You guys are dicks. Oh HELL No.  It's supposed to lower taxes on individuals and take them out on carbon producers -sounds great!  It charges people by industry and hey-ho guess who gets a break:  Boeing.  but pea shucking companies and farmers get to pay extra tax on gross revenue, hospitals included.  Did the sponsors even read this?!  Go back and write this fairly in five pages or less if you're gonna do it.

1433: I was on the fence about minimum wage- I have my own business that serves business owners, so you can imagine I'm not a big fan of laws that adversely affect me or my customers.  Then I saw Australia's numbers.  Businesses don't need tax breaks or loans or incentives as much as they need CUSTOMERS.  Customers are people with disposable income who make a living wage.  If your business plan for success involves paying your workers less than a living wage, rethink it.  BUT FFS can you NOT have it cost the state 300 MILLION?! Sick leave... Yeah, no one wants to pay for work that isn't being done, but the CDC and WHO can tell you all about the problems NOT having it is causing.  Reluctant yes.

1501: What?  Only eight pages this time...for stuff that's already illegal and WTF SEIU.  Don't give out cagegiver information because it's PRIVATE, not because it's illegal.  Thwere are also lists the caregivers need to be on so they can sign for shit.  This is fishy as hell. No.

1491: Um.  There's already restraining orders, the Lautenberg Amendment, and takes 14 days and this still isn't adressing the underlying problems behind gun violence.  It causes more backups for the courts and due process/2nd amendment on this one is pretty wooly, I'm a no.  21 pages.

Wolf PAC is working to get corporate, union and dark/foreign money out of the election system via an amendment convention of the states (AKA article V amendment).  To call an amendment convention fo the states we have to pass a bill through the legislatures of 34 states with close to the same wording.  So far we have five:  NJ, VT, CA, IL & RI.

 Last legislative session our bill, HJM4000, passed the house, but the senate wouldn't even bring it up for a vote.  So we have to do it again next session, it'll be the same bill with a couple of obvious changes-the name of the president- Getting supportive legislators in place is going to be crucial to this passing.

I may edit this as I get more information, but my ballot is going out on the 5th, so if you have additions, corrections or objections, let me know NOW.

You've already decided who you're voting for as president.  Wolf PAC is a thing because we currently live in an oligarchy, the president can't call a convention to propose an amendment, the only thing they can do is pressure Congress.  I'm voting third party, I always vote third party.  If a third party can get 5% of the popular vote, they're eligible to receive campaign money from the FEC.  Everyone wants more and better choices.  Never have they had as much of a chance to do so as they do now.


Washington State Candidate Recommendations

OK, here's the list I promised. Feel free to contact me with any questions, this isn't a complete list and I will add to it as we get more responses.

These are mostly JUST candidates that have publicly supported Wolf PAC's call for an amendment convention, or opponents of those who voted against us, so the Democrat districts will favor incumbents and none of the senators got to vote.   Most of these guys voted party line, some were brave enough to cross, and we've had conservative senators express support.  Getting big money out of politics is a bipartisan issue that spans 96% of the population and is the FIRST thing we have to fix.

As far as NATIONAL candidates go, I suggest the DRIP policy (Don't reelect incumbent politicians).

US Senate: running against Murray is fellow Wolf PAC volunteer Phil Cornell, a self-proclaimed Berniecrat. Jeremy Teuton is also supportive.

Congressional Districts:

  1. Stafne (Berniecrat), Storms -Spoke to personally

  2. LaPointe

  3. David McDevitt (Berniecrat), Moeller (voted for HJM4000)

  4. Sorry, i got nuthin, don't vote for the incumbent.

  5. Joe Pakootas, Dave Wilson -says he is supportive as well.

  6. Coverdale

  7. Walkinshaw, Jayapal -Both voted for HJM4000

  8. Ventrella

  9. Daniel Smith

  10. Ferguson

Superintendant: CHRIS REYKDAHL!  He went out of his way to support us and put a LOT of effort into HJM4000.

Governor: O'Rourke -Supportive of issue.  This one's important, do your reading on gubernatorial candidates please.

Lt. Governor: Cyrus Habib I LOVE Steve Hobbs, but Habib actively supported us in committee

Treasurer: Marko Liias. If you lean conservative I've also spoken with Waite, who says he is supportive, an aussie with a lot of experience.

Auditor: Miloscia


  1. Moscoso, Stanford, Wright

  2. Hoffman -opponent voted against, Maynes or Downes -again, opponent

  3. Andy Billig Co-sponsored SJM8015, Ricelli, Ormsby -voted in favor

  4. Scott Stucker

  5. Chad Magendanz-bravely crossed party lines to speak up and support HJM4000 during the house vote and offered to co-sponsor.  Mullet also says he's supportive but never had the chance to vote for us.

  6. Shar Lichty -Opponent vehemently against us for BS reasons

  7. Foster -opponent voted against

  8. Jansons, Cooper, Simmons -Opponent voted against

  9. Jennifer Goulet PLEASE.  Her(and our) opponent bragged about taking Koch money and is an embarrassment to the district. Having Roemer win the primary wouldn't hurt.

  10. Homola-Expressed support, Brevoort -Supportive, Scott -Opponent voted against

  11. Hudgins,

  12. Wyss, Maher,

  13. Webb

  14. Palmer, Adams

  15. Kearby or Cooper, opponent voted against

  16. Espinoza or Downing, opponent voted against

  17. Rob Frisina Wolf PAC volunteer in a tought Primary race

  18. Ann Rivers -Offered to cosponsor, has been very helpful and supports the article V route. Holt -refuses to take big money, walks the walk, Oberg

  19. Dean Takko Sponsored SJM8015, generous with his time and was a big help. Purcell- fighting for CFR since '96.  Rosetti-Voted yes, Blake -voted yes

  20. Everyone unopposed

  21. Peterson, Ortiz-Self

  22. Hunt- Voted in favor

  23. Christine Rolfes Co-sponsor, Appleton- Voted for, but not receptive to constituents

  24. Ramsy, Van De Wege

  25. Chatterton, Mecklenberg -Say it's one of the main reasons they're running.  Zeiger:  Voted against last session, but is expressing support for the idea and wants to revisit it.

  26. Matias -Wolf-PAC member, Spitzer-Opponent voted against

  27. Cline

  28. Kilduff

  29. Sawyer, Kirby

  30. Linda Kochmar -Bravely crossed party lines to support HJM4000

  31. Frostad -opponent voted against,

  32. Ryu, Kagi, Irwin

  33. Orwall -Co-sponsor, Gregerson

  34. Cody or Kolding- opponent voted against, Fitzgibbon

  35. Patti, Bowling -opponents voted against

  36. Noel Frame spoke out for HJM4000, though running unopposed, thought I'd mention it.

  37. Santos, Pettigrew

  38. Sells

  39. Linda Wright, Koster (doesn't support publically funded elections, but wants corporate, union and foreign money out), Metcalf supports campaign finance but didn't get back to me on an amendment.  Pearson is running unopposed and is still on the fence, but he has been generous with his time in talking to volunteers and constituents.

  40. Ranker, Lytton, Morris

  41. Senn, Clibborn

  42. Karlberg, LaClair, Lamont, Burns, Dickson, Atwood -Opponents voted against

  43. Nicloe Macri -Endorsed by opponent, WP volunteer

  44. Lovick -voted for resolution, Muller

  45. Goodman

  46. Pollet, Farrell -co-sponsors

  47. Valentine, Sullivan

  48. Kuderer, McBride

  49. Kaitlyn Beck, Alicia Topper, Dave McDevitt

Here's the list of all candidates if you want it for whatever reason.  

Pathological Narcissists

Twice in my life I've been close with pathological narcissists. I'm not a psychologist, and as far as I know neither of them have been officially diagnosed, and admittedly, psychology is still largely in the 'snake oil stage', but here's what I dealt with:

  • Lack of empathy and no attempt to see a situation from another person's point of view; kicking people when they're down (metaphorically).

  • Victim mentality: Shifting blame off of themselves for mistakes to anyone even remotely close to a situation - the logical contortions they go through can be completely mind-boggling.

  • Never learning from a mistake, but avoiding similar situations to extremes.

  • If they cannot shift blame, they will block it out. If it is brought up, they will deny it ever happened.

  • Due to the above, completely different and false recounting of events.

  • When unable to escape blame or deny an occurrence, expect temper tantrums -sometimes resulting in destruction of property- these also can just happen when things aren't going their way.

  • Anything between mild chastisement to verbal abuse when someone else makes a mistake.

  • Bragging about the above, usually under the impression that what they said was 'ballsy'.

  • Overtly manipulative behavior, including threats of suicide to get attention or response.

  • They can be generous and will help you out, but are likely to use it as a bargaining chip later.  

  • NEVER apologizing with the lone exception of getting back into a necessary resource's good graces.

  • Extreme measures taken to avoid fault or incidents (ie: Keeping a child inside at all times so it doesn't get hurt or kidnapped, never introducing their spouse to others so they can't get both sides of a story).

  • Obsessive focus on incidents where people got hurt-especially news stories.  "That would never happen to me because I never... " There is no "Shit happens" with Narcissists.  ANYTHING that occurs is due to someone else's stupidity, sometimes up to and including storm or earthquake damage.

Pathological narcissists are noted for their closest friends having only known them a short time, and people they HAVE known a long time they have had limited contact with- three hours every couple of months or less.
 While most of us blame ourselves for many things mostly outside our control, "My Bad" is not in their vocabulary, they will not take even partial responsibility for anything that didn't turn out 100% awesome.

Most narcissists are high functioning:  They have jobs and families and enjoy attending social events.

They are high on my list of people to avoid, side by side with tweakers and violent alcoholics.  Tweakers will just steal your stuff, violent people you can walk away from, narcissists have landed me in court on the witness stand, twice.  If you've ever been involved with a trial or civil case, you know this will take days out of your life and is fairly stressful.

The ONLY thing that kept me from getting dragged farther into their sh1tstorm was my integrity; they could say anything they wanted about me, and people who knew me recognized it as false.   My heart goes out to anyone on the bad side of a narcissist who doesn't have a solid group of good friends.

These are traits I see as glaringly obvious in the leading GoP candidate.
What we can expect (for good or ill):

  • Transparency: "He says this is the fault of the Secretary of caucasian affairs, I didn't know we had one of those."

  • Almost complete staff turnover, due to either abuse or blame for something.

  • Cronyism, the likes of which you have never seen before.

  • Isolation from petitioners, secretaries, and anyone he doesn't have complete sway over (the rest of the world).

  • Frivolous and outrageous attempts to prosecute members of Congress, the Senate and possibly the Supreme Court.

  • Really impressive leaked footage, probably of him throwing stuff at people.

  • No compromises that weren't his idea.

  • An absolute circus behind the scenes, circumvention of rules and laws.

  • Easily manipulated by being presented with scary hypothetical situations.

  • Easily frightened and all that goes with that.

  • NO public apologies, ever.

  • Eventual impeachment.

So yeah.   You give me shitty candidates, I vote third party.
Anyone used to dealing with narcissists will know EXACTLY how to manipulate this guy, and anyone expecting to work with a sane, reasonable human being might get lucky -until one of the former steps in.

I'm waiting to see how the primaries settle out before I make my choice for president, though if you consider yourself a conservative, please look into voting for Gary Johnson in November.


Covered in Beeeeez

Hoo. That was a rush. I feel a little sick. My partner and I got the second tier on the beehives, no stings. The tops were good and stuck on there, used a putty knife to pry them off. I have zero experience with bees, and I'd like to take a class, but the cost has been a little prohibitive, so basically I know what I've gleaned from the landlord and YouTube.

The stressful part in a full beekeeper outfit wasn't so much the fear of getting stung, but not hurting the bees.

These hives were pretty much abandoned a couple years ago, and the bees have swarmed and come back, the hives have never been harvested. Safe to say it was Waaaaay past time to put extra tiers on-you're supposed to do it as soon as they've drawn comb-about two weeks after you initially put them in there, according to YouTube.

That hive smoker works great when there's actual smoke coming out of it: The bees think there's a forest fire and immediately retreat into the hive to eat honey, or fly off. We had to relight it twice, and of course as soon as we walked away it started working. Probably should have looked up the best way to light that. Now it's expanded with the heat so we can't get the lid off. We put water in there, now we wait. They weren't super pissed, nothing like they were (mysteriously) in January.

I just went back there -an hour after messing with them, and they're a LOT more active than they were before, but I can't tell if they're mad or back to work making more comb, though it looks like normal, if slightly frantic, hive activity and they weren't agressive. The occupied hives were completely full with dark comb, so safe to say they didn't have much to do before.

I saw lots of YoutTube videos with guys adding a second tier to the hives using a smoker and wearing just a long sleeve shirt and jeans. I didn't even think about doing that, as while I'm not allergic to bee stings, there IS poison in them, so pretty much everyone has a reaction, they make me swell up and feel like crap for a couple days, so yeah, not up for taking chances yet.

Two weeks ago they were swarming and we took the old comb out of the abandoned hives, hoping they'd move in. I think they just went back into the two active ones. It looks like they're starting to check the empty hives out again, but haven't started rebuilding. I like that we have a few pounds of old raw beeswax now, which is great firestarter, but I'll need to boil it to use it for anything else as it's pretty filthy.

Anyway, yeah, that was a rush. I imagine it's not a big deal after awhile. I'll probably suit up again in two weeks and see how they're doing. If anyone reading this is an apiarist or knows one, I would LOVE to pick their brain on what to do from here. I'm not even particularly bothered about harvesting the honey, which would be awesome, however feeding the bees over winter could be expensive; but I do want them to thrive.

REALLY?! Washington State Senate Leadership Needs to back National Campaign Finance Reform


Clinton Foundation donors included FIFA, Qatar host committee

DNC rolls back Obama ban on contributions from federal lobbyists

Foreign-connected PACs

When Super PACs Go Dark: LLCs Fuel Secret Spending

Dark Money: What Might the Money Media Cover If They Weren't Covering Trump?

I've been working for a year to help stop stuff like this. 80% of Americans know campaign finance is our biggest problem. I suggest activating rule 35 and passing HJM4000 and any other bills that got killed in the senate that shouldn't have. 9th order would get media attention and people who voted for it would get all the props for doing so! 96% of your constituents support this.

As elected officials you're even eligible to be a delegate for something as historic as proposing a new constitutional amendment

If HJM4000 doesn't pass, we'll all be back again next year, and there will be even more of us. Just pass it. You passed 20 page expensive bills unanimously, and THIS ONE would make you heroes in the eyes of the voters and doesn't even cost the state any money. Come on guys.

HJM4000's Home Stretch in the Senate

So this happened:

I'm mentioned at about 8:00. Doesn't win me many points with conservatives, BUT IT SHOULD. Every politician should be running on this side of this issue on their platform.

Right now we're working toward a miracle in the senate as maddeningly, the legislature has decided that campaign finance reform is a partisan issue. Ironically this same bill has had republican sponsorship in other states and then the democrats don't want to vote for it. *strangle*

Sorry, you need to support the negation of certain parts of the Citizens United decision if you want to keep your constituents happy, 96% of Americans -that's just about EVERYONE form every party- think this needs fixing.

Don't like the article V approach? Well, Congress isn't going to fix itself. Want something more local? Guess what, ANY local campaign finance or disclosure laws passed can be overruled by federal law. We HAVE to pass an amendment to get dark money out of politics nationally to protect the legislation we pass locally. You think that's some far-fetched concern? It's already happened in Montana.

If HJM4000 doesn't pass this month, we have to reintroduce this all over again next year. And now we have more people, heck we got 25 singing up just because of that video. If you think we're pushy now, a lot of folks just learned their way around the capital, we have over 200 trained volunteers and over 3000 people who've signed up in Washington alone. We'll only increase those numbers as time goes on. You might as well pass this now, no one is going to stop until this passes, and you can be damn sure there are a lot of people using that role call as a voter's guide.

Liberals and conservatives need each other, there's a balance that has to be maintained, where new ideas can be introduced while spending is kept practical and under control. I'm sick to the teeth of partisanship, it's REALLY hurting this country. You need to care less about where an idea came from and focus more on whether it's a good one.

To: Republican Legislators: Article V Call to Convention.

Well, HJM4000 here in Washington State passed the house, but to get Chopp(D) to pull it up, they made it a partisan issue. Gah. It's NOT.

I'll post what Representative Chad Magendanz(R) said when he voted for it on the house floor, because he's better at this than I am, my rants follow:

"I spent a lot of time thinking about this, and I think a many of our veterans do too. When we protect civil liberties, when we protect constitutional rights, not many of us are serving in the military to protect the rights of corporations. We're here to protect the rights of individuals.
I've formed a corporation before and you form it to limit your liability. The idea of having all of the rights and fewer responsibilities just doesn't sit right with me.
Our political system is on trial right now, and frankly, we're losing. When congressional approval ratings are lower than colonoscopies, head lice and traffic jams, we've got a serious issue to deal with here. People don't trust congress, they don't trust our motivations as politicians, and I don't know that we at the state level are faring much better. One of the things that we can set some of these concerns aside is by looking at the factors that influence politics and trying to get the major money out of the system. It's on BOTH sides, business corporations as well as union corporations. Madam speaker, if I might, there's a quote from Barry Goldwater that I think is very relevant for this:
'In order to achieve the widest possible distribution of political power, financial contributions to political campaigns should be made by individuals and individuals alone. I see no reason for labor unions or corporations to participate in politics.'
Thank you."

HALF of the republican party platform is dependent on getting big money and dark money out of politics(see previous post). If we can craft a new amendment that limits campaign donations to individuals, that cuts out all the unions, too. Calls to convention like HJM4000 have conservative support and conservative sponsors in other states because it's not progressive -it basically sets our political system BACK to the way it was before 1976.

You don't even have the right to know who's spending money against you in national campaigns! And even if there ARE state disclosure laws, they can be overruled by the supreme court right now. You need to pass this to protect your own legislation!

Education: Big textbook companies bribing legislators and committee members are part of the reason we have such bad curriculum.

Almost everything is affected by big money and foreign money influence in our system. There are two defense lobbyists for every congressperson, you're gonna tell me our military is being deployed to defend individual liberties when we have THAT?

Congress can't fix this, our founding fathers gave the states the power under article V to bypass ineffective government and boy are we there. Wolf PAC and other organizations are coming to YOU because we trust our state legislators more than we trust congress. This has conservative support from scholars, lawyers, and the old guard who know that individuals are more deserving of rights than Organizations.

The runaway myth is being perpetuated by right wing lobbyists and Koch affiliates. It's easy to hide behind "what ifs" and not do the job we're being called to do. Legislators choose the delegates, legislators CAN BE delegates, the wording in the bill also says that delegates can be recalled if they get off topic. All of this aside, anything proposed still needs to pass the ratification process.

I've been working on this for over a year. TWO years of hard research by constitutional scholars went into this solution before I joined this cause. I do not spend this kind of time lightly. I wanted a single issue, bipartisan cause that would help fix the biggest problems plaguing this country, and after a lot of looking around, I found Wolf-PAC. I am a staunch independent. I have only ever been registered as a republican.

This isn't "Dangerous" legislation, but big money and foreign money in the system IS the lynchpin of why we no longer live in a republic and why our tax dollars are being wasted on cronyism. We pledged allegiance to a REPUBLIC, and it turned into an oligarchy on OUR WATCH. It is our resposibility as Americans to FIX IT.

Join me and the other 96% of Americans that agree this has to happen while it still can.


You CAN do Both. I735 & HJM4000

OK, so there are two -at least two- pieces of legislation in Washington State right now calling for an amendment convention to get big money out of politics.

WaMend and WolfPAC ultimately have the same goal: A new constitutional amendment that gets big money out of our election systems. WaMend's legislation is asking congress to call a convention, whereas WolfPAC is calling a convention of the states to propose an amendment. We can easily pass both, I think Washington State SHOULD do both as it sends a clear message that we have had it with the national oligarchy.

If I735 doesn't pass it goes onto the ballot-which could be a good thing, as there is overwhelming support for this issue and then we'd have an actual count of it, if it passes, great! There's no reason to think it won't, a lot of people have put a lot of effort into both these measures. If HJM4000 doesn't pass, we have to do this crap all over again next year, and again every two years until it DOES pass, which would REALLY piss me off, and some of the legislators are sick of us. Working on this is affecting my health and that of the other organizers, and there's a finite amount of effort anyone should have to put into something that most of the country supports.

Both bills have enough support to pass, they aren't mutually exclusive, and one does not hinder the other in any way, not do they technically cost the state any money.

96 percent of Americans agree this is a problem that needs solving. Hell, half the republican party platform is dependent on getting money out of politics -I haven't read the democrat platform, but I imagine its effectiveness also hinges around this. This isn't a party line issue.

Realistically, once we get close to 34 states calling an amendment, Congress will likely call a convention, as has happened with most of the previous amendments. Though if we DO pass legislation like HJM4000 in 34 states, that will bypass our broken, ineffective congress and the states will hold the convention, IMO more likely to be effective, but less likely to actually happen. Regardless of how it is proposed, any amendment has to be ratified by 75% of the states' house AND senate to become part of the constitution.

Pass them BOTH and stop hindering the restoration of our democratic republic, damnit. You pledged allegiance to a REPUBLIC. It's one thing if you don't help it, but I don't want to see anyone abusing their legislative power to actively work against restoring our republic. There's a word for that...

Why Republicans Need to Support HJM4000

The Washington State Republican party platform:

Preamble: "The Washington State Republican Party is dedicated to preserving a constitutional republic through active participation by citizens..."
We don't HAVe a constitutional republic right now, we have an Oligarchy, so you need RESTORE it, THEN preserve it. A constitutional amendment is the only thing that is strong enough to put an end to the overpowering voice of big money within the government.

Section 1: "...the power to write law is vested in the legislature or the people." NOT large foreign corporations.

Section 2: "We believe in restoring the Constitutional sound MONETARY SYSTEM." HOW does this work if the people who make these laws are getting paid off by said monetary system? Free the legislative branch from fundraising.

Section 3: We believe ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY ensures that each generation is better off than the one before it...
Cronyism, big business passing legislation that strangles small business competition and encourages outsourcing... NOTHING happens with section 3 until big, foreign business is far less of an influence on our legislature.

Section 4: We believe LIMITED GOVERNMENT is essential to a free society.
Government NOT beholden more or less exclusively to big business donors. Donors who's politicians make us end up paying more for less, wasteful spending and expansion of contracts due to cronyism.

Section5(This one REALLY gets to me): "Republicans support and honor the past and continuing service of all veterans and members of the United States’ armed forces and the Washington State National Guard." These people signed up and went to war to defend a DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC, but they don't live in one. There are TWO defense lobbyists for every congressperson! If you want to honor our service members, give them the Representative republic they're sacrificing so much to defend, don't send them off to fight for some foreign or big corporate money interest! Shame on all of us!...

Anyway, I'm out of steam. you get the point. This is not and should NOT be considered a partisan issue.

I'm working really hard to help this legislation along because I feel a duty to my country, I want to make it better and I think helping get a constitutional amendment to separate our republic and our election process from sociopathic corporate and union entities is the best way to do it.