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HJM4000's Home Stretch in the Senate

So this happened:

I'm mentioned at about 8:00. Doesn't win me many points with conservatives, BUT IT SHOULD. Every politician should be running on this side of this issue on their platform.

Right now we're working toward a miracle in the senate as maddeningly, the legislature has decided that campaign finance reform is a partisan issue. Ironically this same bill has had republican sponsorship in other states and then the democrats don't want to vote for it. *strangle*

Sorry, you need to support the negation of certain parts of the Citizens United decision if you want to keep your constituents happy, 96% of Americans -that's just about EVERYONE form every party- think this needs fixing.

Don't like the article V approach? Well, Congress isn't going to fix itself. Want something more local? Guess what, ANY local campaign finance or disclosure laws passed can be overruled by federal law. We HAVE to pass an amendment to get dark money out of politics nationally to protect the legislation we pass locally. You think that's some far-fetched concern? It's already happened in Montana.

If HJM4000 doesn't pass this month, we have to reintroduce this all over again next year. And now we have more people, heck we got 25 singing up just because of that video. If you think we're pushy now, a lot of folks just learned their way around the capital, we have over 200 trained volunteers and over 3000 people who've signed up in Washington alone. We'll only increase those numbers as time goes on. You might as well pass this now, no one is going to stop until this passes, and you can be damn sure there are a lot of people using that role call as a voter's guide.

Liberals and conservatives need each other, there's a balance that has to be maintained, where new ideas can be introduced while spending is kept practical and under control. I'm sick to the teeth of partisanship, it's REALLY hurting this country. You need to care less about where an idea came from and focus more on whether it's a good one.

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