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Well, HJM4000 here in Washington State passed the house, but to get Chopp(D) to pull it up, they made it a partisan issue. Gah. It's NOT.

I'll post what Representative Chad Magendanz(R) said when he voted for it on the house floor, because he's better at this than I am, my rants follow:

"I spent a lot of time thinking about this, and I think a many of our veterans do too. When we protect civil liberties, when we protect constitutional rights, not many of us are serving in the military to protect the rights of corporations. We're here to protect the rights of individuals.
I've formed a corporation before and you form it to limit your liability. The idea of having all of the rights and fewer responsibilities just doesn't sit right with me.
Our political system is on trial right now, and frankly, we're losing. When congressional approval ratings are lower than colonoscopies, head lice and traffic jams, we've got a serious issue to deal with here. People don't trust congress, they don't trust our motivations as politicians, and I don't know that we at the state level are faring much better. One of the things that we can set some of these concerns aside is by looking at the factors that influence politics and trying to get the major money out of the system. It's on BOTH sides, business corporations as well as union corporations. Madam speaker, if I might, there's a quote from Barry Goldwater that I think is very relevant for this:
'In order to achieve the widest possible distribution of political power, financial contributions to political campaigns should be made by individuals and individuals alone. I see no reason for labor unions or corporations to participate in politics.'
Thank you."

HALF of the republican party platform is dependent on getting big money and dark money out of politics(see previous post). If we can craft a new amendment that limits campaign donations to individuals, that cuts out all the unions, too. Calls to convention like HJM4000 have conservative support and conservative sponsors in other states because it's not progressive -it basically sets our political system BACK to the way it was before 1976.

You don't even have the right to know who's spending money against you in national campaigns! And even if there ARE state disclosure laws, they can be overruled by the supreme court right now. You need to pass this to protect your own legislation!

Education: Big textbook companies bribing legislators and committee members are part of the reason we have such bad curriculum.

Almost everything is affected by big money and foreign money influence in our system. There are two defense lobbyists for every congressperson, you're gonna tell me our military is being deployed to defend individual liberties when we have THAT?

Congress can't fix this, our founding fathers gave the states the power under article V to bypass ineffective government and boy are we there. Wolf PAC and other organizations are coming to YOU because we trust our state legislators more than we trust congress. This has conservative support from scholars, lawyers, and the old guard who know that individuals are more deserving of rights than Organizations.

The runaway myth is being perpetuated by right wing lobbyists and Koch affiliates. It's easy to hide behind "what ifs" and not do the job we're being called to do. Legislators choose the delegates, legislators CAN BE delegates, the wording in the bill also says that delegates can be recalled if they get off topic. All of this aside, anything proposed still needs to pass the ratification process.

I've been working on this for over a year. TWO years of hard research by constitutional scholars went into this solution before I joined this cause. I do not spend this kind of time lightly. I wanted a single issue, bipartisan cause that would help fix the biggest problems plaguing this country, and after a lot of looking around, I found Wolf-PAC. I am a staunch independent. I have only ever been registered as a republican.

This isn't "Dangerous" legislation, but big money and foreign money in the system IS the lynchpin of why we no longer live in a republic and why our tax dollars are being wasted on cronyism. We pledged allegiance to a REPUBLIC, and it turned into an oligarchy on OUR WATCH. It is our resposibility as Americans to FIX IT.

Join me and the other 96% of Americans that agree this has to happen while it still can.


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