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You CAN do Both. I735 & HJM4000

OK, so there are two -at least two- pieces of legislation in Washington State right now calling for an amendment convention to get big money out of politics.

WaMend and WolfPAC ultimately have the same goal: A new constitutional amendment that gets big money out of our election systems. WaMend's legislation is asking congress to call a convention, whereas WolfPAC is calling a convention of the states to propose an amendment. We can easily pass both, I think Washington State SHOULD do both as it sends a clear message that we have had it with the national oligarchy.

If I735 doesn't pass it goes onto the ballot-which could be a good thing, as there is overwhelming support for this issue and then we'd have an actual count of it, if it passes, great! There's no reason to think it won't, a lot of people have put a lot of effort into both these measures. If HJM4000 doesn't pass, we have to do this crap all over again next year, and again every two years until it DOES pass, which would REALLY piss me off, and some of the legislators are sick of us. Working on this is affecting my health and that of the other organizers, and there's a finite amount of effort anyone should have to put into something that most of the country supports.

Both bills have enough support to pass, they aren't mutually exclusive, and one does not hinder the other in any way, not do they technically cost the state any money.

96 percent of Americans agree this is a problem that needs solving. Hell, half the republican party platform is dependent on getting money out of politics -I haven't read the democrat platform, but I imagine its effectiveness also hinges around this. This isn't a party line issue.

Realistically, once we get close to 34 states calling an amendment, Congress will likely call a convention, as has happened with most of the previous amendments. Though if we DO pass legislation like HJM4000 in 34 states, that will bypass our broken, ineffective congress and the states will hold the convention, IMO more likely to be effective, but less likely to actually happen. Regardless of how it is proposed, any amendment has to be ratified by 75% of the states' house AND senate to become part of the constitution.

Pass them BOTH and stop hindering the restoration of our democratic republic, damnit. You pledged allegiance to a REPUBLIC. It's one thing if you don't help it, but I don't want to see anyone abusing their legislative power to actively work against restoring our republic. There's a word for that...

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